Email: | Phone: 240-389-0857

Aaron Kubey

Communication Access Specialist/Certified Deaf Interpreter (CDI)

Company: Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)


Aaron Kubey is a Certified Deaf Interpreter/Communication Access Specialist for the federal
government. During the past six years as a full-time federal employee, he has worked to improve
communication access for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing community that works for and that is served by his
agency. One of his passions is also influencing them to shift towards using plain conceptual language in
their trainings and products produced. As a Deaf person himself, Aaron understands the need and
importance of clear communication access and wants to work with other partners to navigate their
pathways to provide effective communication access to their employees and stakeholders.
Aaron also holds a Masters in Public Administration from American Public University and a Bachelors in
Fine Arts from DePaul Theatre University.

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