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Empower Yourself: The Importance of Sign Language Interpreters in the Digital Age

The reliance on digital communication can create communication barriers for Deaf individuals who use sign language as their primary form of communication. With the increasing use of digital interaction, the digital civil rights of the Deaf community are more critical than ever. In this presentation, we explore the role sign language interpreters can play in supporting the rights of Deaf individuals. The use of sign language interpreters is crucial for effective communication between individuals who are Deaf or hard-of-hearing and hearing colleagues, supervisors, and clients. This presentation investigates the level of awareness among employees regarding their right to access sign language interpreters in the workplace and digitally. We will examine the current state of digital civil rights for Deaf individuals and propose ways to improve access to digital communication, including the integration of sign language interpreters in online meetings, webinars, and other digital events.



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2023 NTC/DIG